Aerial Advertising

Reach 25,000 – 1 million people enjoying and event, relaxing on the beach, or travelling in their car!

The numbers are staggering and the investment is relatively small when compared to other forms of media.

We can customize routes, target individual beaches, sporting events, etc. – or service all beaches from MD through DE, NJ and NY with Aerial Advertising. Hundreds of thousands of beachgoers are captivated by your giant flying billboard, logo banner or customized letter banner. Our team will design, create and execute your ad campaign.


WAWA (9) GIANT Flying Billboards- The Gold standard in aerial media. 20-45′ high x 40-120′ wide. Full color. Call for pricing.
Metro over July 4th weekend (5) Logo/Letter Banners- A great option when you have a continually changing message. Add your logo to stand out from your competition. 7-30′ high x 7-60′ wide.  Call for pricing.
Two Sided V-Board- The “double-sided sign” that provides exposure on both sides. Each side can be 20-25′ high x 40-75′ wide. Call for pricing.
Flying Cans & Specialty Shapes- The “3D sign” that provides exposure on all sides. For use in short-term campaigns. Call for pricing.
Bayvillage Cowda (4) Traditional Letter Banner- Our most economical ad type. 5 or 7 foot tall black or red letters. Free up to 45 characters with the option to fly up to 80 characters.

Aerial advertising is unique. At the onset of your campaign, we will assist you with the ad design so that your concept stands out and has impact.